For a decade, Andy Farnsworth has been a touring standup. His signature-brand of autobiographical “fun meltdown” was born in Chicago, styled in Los Angeles, toughened in New York City, and tested in a casino five miles outside of Butte, Montana. Andy’s emotionally-rigorous style has earned him opening spots for Doug Stanhope, Michelle Wolf, Mark Normand, and others.

Along with his standup, Andy has published comic fiction, produced radio essays and stories, and a critically-acclaimed podcast. His work has been featured on NPR’s On Point, WBUR and WMFO in Boston, and WESN.

In 2014, Andy launched Wandering the Aisles w/ Andy Farnsworth, an out-in-the-world podcast that explored New York City. Unique guests and spontaneous conversations guided his journeys to the Staten Island Ferry, Central Park, a Brooklyn Barber Shop, Prospect Park, Alpha Donuts in Queens, and the Union Square subway station.

Filmmaker Sheena Matheiken writes, “Andy achieves a delicate/casual balance of intimacy and refreshing intellectual honesty in these meandering conversations.”

The podcast’s fourth season found Andy relocated to Salt Lake City and adjusting to the climate and culture of this strange western theocracy. The fifth…Denver, pandemic, etc. 

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