SN1:EP9 “The Barber of Sunset Park”

This week I visit Eric Aleman, owner of the storied King of Kings Barber Shop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I’ve been going to him for a couple years and it’s always an odyssey which begins on my scalp and ends in my heart.

Eric, like a lot of good barbers, is able to step in and out of conversation. He’ll talk if you want to talk. Or he’ll just step back and keep working on your hair. That’s part of why I like him.

He’s not only a really solid barber, he’s also a talented lyricist, hip-hop artist/ whatever you want to call it.  He’s a founding member of BLKLYST. Who you can check out playing at Littlefield’s or here on youtube.

If you listen real close here you can hear him shaving my neck at one point. It’s pretty hard to talk w a knife to your neck, but I did my best.

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