SN5:EP13 “The Bachelor”

An afternoon with one of my real-deal, go-to friends here in Denver, Alex Elliott @alexelliottpics. And by afternoon, seriously, I mean the better part of an entire afternoon.
Mostly Sprouts and us just talking in my truck. Verité podcasting. I didn’t cut much because it’s really hard to get tired of this guy. He’s a genuine, wise, cat who never brags or name drops AT ALL even though he totally could. For example, I was months into knowing Alex before he happened to casually mention he was a finalist to be on “The Bachelor.” And (paraphrasing here): “It’s funny you bring that up because one summer I filmed some stuff with Jimmy Fallon and slapped Hannibal Burress in the face a bunch of times for a thing.” Stuff like that. Introducing Alex Elliott. Consider supporting the show on Patreon! (or just tell a friend).
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