SN5:EP6 “Too Many Wizards”

@haleydrizcoll is our traveling companion today. The joyous peril begins with a traditional pre-show de-crystalling ceremony in front of Andy’s place. Then: it’s fronting English in front of a Natural Grocers; talking exchange students at a mile-high Asian market; soccer hooligans in a middle school parking lot at sunset; and a suburban Vaquero appearing out of the vapor to guide our spirits back home.

SN5:EP5 “Toe Job”

The nail salons are all emery-boarded up for a while. So treat your indoor self this audio indulgence from late 2019, wherein the incomparable Cami Nelson serves as @wanderingaisles first poet/mom/nail-salon guide. 

SN5:EP4 “Kronberg’s List

The show begins with some loud banjo music, me picking Ben up, and a brief deliberation about how we’re gonna do this with masks on. We head off to a grocery store in downtown Denver, a tobacco place, and one of those “You don’t have to make me wear a mask rallies” at the Capitol building.

SN5:EP3 “Doest Thou Even Hoist, Comrade?”

Months before the world changed, Chad Niel @PlantBasedChad offered me a Tofurkey wrap off a hummus-smeared plate and chided my reluctance to eat after him. Hauntingly, this twenty-sixth @wanderingaisles opens with a foreboding joke about germs and preparing for “the Big One.”

SN5:EP2 “Panic Buys”

Me and a very funny guy named Denzer, one week into the new world, navigating ransacked aisles in search of last meals. We drive out to a Whole Foods, and King Soopers in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado.

SN5:EP1 “Six Foot Feelings

Season five’s inaugural episode is just me and you (a reasonable distance from each other) at an Aldi in Omaha, a Safeway in Denver, and notes from one of the most purgatorial weekends in the history of standup. 

SN4:EP7 “Burnt On Wonder”

The erudite Brian Earl: comedian, improv genius, and savant, guides Andy through the Willy Wonkian aisles of Standard Restaurant Supply in Salt Lake City. (Where all the restaurants get their stuff.) The perils of first dates for comedians, drinking out of shoes, Dad jokes as population control.

SN4:EP6 “Sex Toilets”

Casing City Creek Center with Connie Daly, a retired Rhode Island school administrator, relationship sage, and spinner of some wild stories from the trenches of American education about sex toilets and sheep mutilation. 

S4:EP5 “Mormon Zoo”

In which Meggie Troili, artist, musician, organizer of happenings, takes Andy to Salt Lake’s Hogle Zoo. The two experience western caged wildlife dosed with underage drinking PSAs.

SN4:EP4 “Tool and Die”

John Florence, host of KRCL’s “A Brand New Day” (weekdays 6-10am on KRCL 90.9FM), walks Andy through Sutherland’s, John’s favorite local hardware store. Andy picks up an Oklahoma accent, reveals the healing power of the “shath,” and the two explore the merits of the latest digital mousetrap.

SN4:EP3 “Boat Act”

Tim Duffy, comedian, writer guy for Comedy Central, takes Andy along on his daily commute from Staten Island into the city. It’s an everyday trip Tim’s been taking for years, but Andy still finds it exotic, which makes him feel a little like a hayseed. Also, on this Valentine’s episode, Andy gets into the thick of it re: what it means to be in love at 41 and how he’s worried he’ll have to start closing the kitchen cabinet doors when he’s finally living with someone for the first time.  (Note: Staten Island Ferry is noisy so the audio isn’t perfect here.) 

SN4:EP2 “Sweat Lodge”

Adrian Lambrinos invited me to a sweat lodge ceremony in April and it was such a powerful experience it shut me up for about 9 months. This is my attempt to take you through it with me. Glad to be back.

SN4:EP1 “Clip Show”

Preview of Andy’s new standup album. Roundup of where WtA has been the last few months and where it’s wandering next. This is a mini-episode clip show of: your refurbished host; the cinching of some bows on the past; and a sigh of hope for an amazing and stable new one. Highlights of a profound experience with Adrian Lambrinos, my ambassador to a sweat lodge ceremony which will air in its entirety soon.

SN3:EP2 “Slightly Dating”

A trip to Wal-Mart, a recent MS diagnosis, sobriety, dating in recovery, and a reconciliation with Lauryn Bunker. We spend a lot of time talking in my car, yelling and trading stories. Lauryn shouts at a man while driving past the strip club, and I yell about an amends gone awry with an ex-girlfriend that ended with the destruction of my old Volvo. Read More

SN3:EP1 “Famous Last Worlds”

Andy sets the stage for the first season of Wandering the Aisles. A trip to the Mormon Goodwill, known in Utah as “Deseret Industries,” with photographer Natalie Simpson. Read More

SN3:EP1 Promo

Ear Hustling w/ Sharron Paul

Andy’s childhood friend Dave Huisman recounts a harrowing story about ‘Camp Good News.’ Epic eavesdropping in Prospect Park with comedian and actor Sharron Paul.

Emotional Graffiti w/ Tim Racine & Athena Desai

Former NPR reporter Athena Desai sings the explanation of a years old audio clip mystery. Tim Racine discusses frozen gummy bears and lying about seeing Pantera.

On Being in Jeff Simmermon’s Apt. When He’s Not There

Storytelling champion Jeff Simmermon returns and cooks the mushrooms Andy babysat for him one lonely spring weekend.

Walking to an Audition with Katina Corrao

Until now, the podcast landscape lacked an audio documentary of Andy’s colonoscopy and a spirited walk to an audition with the ebullient comedian Katina Corrao.

Trap, Neuter, Return, w/ Margaret Dodge

On an aurally beautiful day in Central Park and a deep-bellied night in Margaret Dodge’s feral cat cave, this episode bookends months of emotional fermentation.

Eric Aleman, The Barber of Sunset Park

Barber, BLKLYST founder, owner of King of Kings Barber Shop in Sunset Park, BK, Eric Aleman shaves Andy’s neck and splashes aftershave on a weary soul.

The Sacred Struggle of Bedtime w/ Julie Kottakis and ‘The Kid’

A rare sound portrait of one woman’s intimate, painful battle to get her daughter to bed. Comic, mom, and brilliant facebook satirist Julie Kottakis.

Marc Gerber 1-800-BAD-TOUCH

Andy gets traumatic with comedian and psychologist Marc Gerber who reciprocates and offers a practical solution for quelling loneliness: a call to 1-800-CONTACTS.

Ali Pearl Meets Chango

Author of the NYT Modern Love article ‘On Tinder, Off Sex,’ Ali Pearl joins Andy to meet Chango, those wrestling-masked EDM subway performers from Union Square.

Aalap Patel There and Back Again

From Alpha Donuts in Queens, a Brooklyn rooftop, and into the heart of Aalap Patel, here’s a year and a half in the making of Andy and Aalap’s friendship.

Barbara Gray Stops Fighting Food

How ducks have sex, ways to call in sick, and food brain. LA comedian Barbara Gray’s visit to NY was barely long enough to find the answers.

Sami Bronowski, Present French

“I’m still here. I’m talking. You like me. I like you. We’re together. It’s happening.” Comedian and Saxophonist Sami Bronowski to the tune of Manhattan helicopters.

Child Power w/ Livia Scott

Andy finds his inner child’s shiny skin suit on a beautiful afternoon in Prospect Park with the creator of UCB’s “The Livia Scott Sketch Program.”

James Greco Living out Loud

Artist James Greco hangs his heartening inner monologue in Andy’s head and on the walls of the now defunct Experiment Comedy Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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