SN5:EP12 “Sizzling with Sharad”

@Insanebrownposse (BK Sharad) joins Andy in the search for fatherly comedy affirmation, talks being brown in Colorado, and cooks bacon the entire time he’s on the phone.

SN5:EP11 “Witch Target”

Ritualcraft (Target for Denver Witches) and Botanica Yemaya with massage therapist, hand witch, and healing artist, Abby Jane Palmer @abbyjanepalmer

SN5:EP10 “The Edge of Denver”

What begins as a failed trip to REI for a hat, becomes Steve Vanderploeg @slumdogchillionaire giving @bambifransworth a surprise visit to the now-defunct “Dog the Bounty Hunter” retail store.

SN5:EP9 “But You White”

First, a fiercely compassionate and steely listener letter from Kisha Baskin–Andy’s Junior High School friend who, maybe on accident, changed the direction of his life by telling him he was funny. And meant it. 

SN5:EP8 “What We Hear”

We went quiet last Wednesday out of respect for Black Lives Matter. Before we get back on schedule next week, I’ve put together a couple timely, stripped down episodes for today and Sunday in honor of George Floyd and BLM.

SN5:EP7 “A Brother Runs Through It”

The inimitable Eeland Stribling @blacksteveirwin–one of the most relaxed, but killer comics I’ve seen in a while. He’s also a Wildlife Biologist and a major part of the @brownfolksfishing initiative.

SN5:EP6 “Too Many Wizards”

@haleydrizcoll is our traveling companion today. The joyous peril begins with a traditional pre-show de-crystalling ceremony in front of Andy’s place.

SN5:EP5 “Toe Job”

The nail salons are all emery-boarded up for a while. So treat your indoor self this audio indulgence from late 2019, wherein the incomparable @camiknelson serves as @wanderingaisles first poet/mom/nail-salon guide.

SN5:EP4 “Kronberg’s List”

Our show begins with some loud banjo music, me picking @benkronberg up, and a brief deliberation about how we’re gonna do this with masks on.

SN5:EP3 “Doest Thou Even Hoist, Comrade?”

Months before the world changed, Chad Niel @PlantBasedChad offered me a Tofurkey wrap off a hummus-smeared plate and chided my reluctance to eat after him. Hauntingly, this twenty-sixth @wanderingaisles opens with a foreboding joke about germs and preparing for “the Big One.”

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