SN5:EP9 “But You White”

First, a fiercely compassionate and steely listener letter from Kisha Baskin–Andy’s Junior High School friend who, maybe on accident, changed the direction of his life by telling him he was funny. And meant it. 
Next, (you’ll notice this episode is still rated “explicit.”) You’d think a clergy member would shy away from Andy’s earthy lexicon and subject matter. Not so with the Reverend James Dollins. This conversation will surprise the Hell out of you. (No pun.) Dollins is a socially-progressive; insightful; startingly “non-shamey”; compassionate, and super quick-witted Methodist minister in Anaheim, CA. A city which is 55% Hispanic or Latino, 24% White Alone, 15% Asian Alone, and only 3% African American or Black. (The remaining 3% being a diverse mix of Native, Two or More Race, and a bunch of folks that identify as “Other”.) Full disclosure: I consider myself extremely lucky to call this man my cousin. @wanderingaisles. Consider supporting the show on Patreon! (or just tell a friend).
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