SN2:EP2 “Walking to an Audition”

For better or worse, this episode is likely one of the first podcasts ever to provide an audio chronicle of the day before a colonoscopy.
Today my walking companion is Katina Corrao. Much has been written about her positivity, but what is sometimes left out is just how much loss she has experienced in her life. We bond over the grim and I marvel at the horsepower of her attitude. I hate the word “attitude,” but she helps me accept it again. This episode was recorded on January 27, 2016 and February 22, 2016 and is one of the longer ones I’ve done with a guest. And for good reason. Hang on until the end, or just treat it like two back to back episodes, maybe. Check out Katina’s album Hot Date that debuted at #1 on iTunes or stream the live performance here. I enjoyed having her part my clouds for a while. Music this week by Aaron Campbell, A guy drumming at the West 4th Stop, and Direwires.
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